All About Industrial Fans

An industrial fan is a machine whose main function is to provide and accommodate the large flow of air or gas for many industrial processes. Industrial fans are not only used in industrial sites, but also in the home workshop or garage.

There are various types of industrial fans (Which is also พัดลมอุตสาหกรรม in thai language) such as Ceiling fans, centrifugal fans, blowers or Other. When shopping online, you can find a fan that stands up and works on its own, or one that is mounted on a wall or ceiling. They are also available in various colors.

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Industrial fans or ventilation fan is also available in the free-wheeling floor models like the Buffalo 42-Inch and Venz Fan Trademark IF industrial fan. Brand venz IF this item stands on the floor and has wheels under it and the handle to move easily around the workshop. It is forty-five inches in diameter and twenty inches total thickness in size. It has four aluminum blades that are balanced to run quietly. It runs off of the motor one-half horsepower motor i.e belt-driven at 120 volts. This item also comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty that is limited this year.

Customers who have previously purchased this item have provided four of a possible five-star rating, citing that the fan is very strong and can blow items from a nearby wall if not secured properly. Most industrial fans can also be mounted on a wall or workbench for permanent placements and cooling. Although not recommended by most manufacturers for use in the home, some consumers also prefer these items for use in their homes instead of air conditioning.


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