Adding Bananas to Smoothie For Children

Banana is the most favorite fruit of many children. It is not only great in taste but it also has sufficient energy and calcium for them. Kids can also feel great by having a banana. But it is hardly possible to convince some children to eat banana those who don’t like it. Parents always look concern when it comes to deciding a balanced diet for the children. For this, you can take the help of smoothies. A smoothie can be prepared easily at home. You just need to add a smoothie machine to your kitchen.

Smoothies are perfect because you can include various types of vegetables and fruits in them. The other thing which makes it more useful is that it provides all the necessary nutrients and vitamins which growing children need the most. The next advantage is that you can be sure about the hygienic condition and purity by preparing it at home with a good smoothie recipe. It is not a very much difficult task to prepare a smoothie at home. Just in few minutes, you can prepare a smoothie for the children.

Banana split smoothie recipe for kids


–    One banana, frozen

–    Two cups of frozen strawberries

–    ¾ cup plain Greek yogurt

–    One cup low-fat chocolate milk

Process to make it ready

You can start with the low-fat chocolate milk. Put this in your smoothie maker and blend it for few seconds on moderate speed. After this, you should add rest of the ingredients and put the smoothie maker on the high speed to blend everything well.

In order to get the best taste and texture, you should blend this until everything is ready to drink without any hassle. Children love to drink in a beautiful long glass. So, you should pour the smoothie into a long glass and serve it fresh.

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