About Tax Efficient Strategies

To avoid income Taxation, and pull ahead in your after-tax wealth management, you need to do three things:

Reduce your taxes this year by submitting tax returns to take advantage of all of the deductions and credits you and your family are entitled to.

Utilize the approaches as a hedge against market volatility.

Pay yourself first: do not send additional money to the government than you will need to. Review your tax remittances on the job and/or any quarterly tax installment payments you might be making.

Here are some extra tax planning opportunities for reducing your withholding taxes:

First, you ought to review the TD1 form that you filed with your employer. Ensure you correct any items which may have changed. For more information about the tax planning strategies in Canada, you can check out via the web.

By way of example, you might have initially completed the form as single with no dependents, but now you might have a dependent spouse and child. This change alone may significantly raise your pay cheque.

Secondly, if you pay source withholdings (employer) or installments (self-employed or retired), you can apply to your local CRA office to permit you to decrease your withholding tax for deductions or credits not covered by the TD1 form.

These will include RRSP contributions, medical expenses, charitable donations, etc.. Receive a waiver form from CRA and give it to your employer that enables them to reduce your payroll taxes leading to a bigger pay cheque for you.

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