A Guide to Embroidery For Beginners

When you move on to working with embroidery on your sewing, you might as well be considered as an expert. Embroidery are usually done in factories with computerized machines, but this time we will be giving you a guide on how to work on simple embroideries with your own best embroidery machine at home.

The equipment you will be needing are a sewing machine, preferably one that is made for embroidery, a sewing kit, an embroidery hoop, stationaries for drawing, scissors and a darning foot.

There are some preparation you need to do with your machine before you start embroidering. First you need to install the darning foot- the instruction for doing this can usually be found online or in your sewing machine manual. Next make sure that you have a sewing machine that allows you to lower your feed dog. You will be moving your fabrics along with the pattern you drew, so you do necessarily need one. The last adjustments are to be made on your settings, use the dials to lower the tension setting until it is around 1 or 2, and decrease stitch length to 0.

If you are a beginner, you can start stitching with some scrap fabrics. Draw your design on them and move the fabric or hoop with your hands so that the needle pierces according to your design. Start with simple patterns such as lines, curves, and spirals. As you move on you can choose to use a larger embroidery hoop for bigger designs, or even smaller hoops so you can focus more on details. You can embroider pictures and clipart instead of only lines- be creative.

To help you start your embroidery projects, we recommend a sewing machine called Brother SE400. It is rated Best Buy and is said to be the best embroidery machine; you can read more details here.

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